High tech in classrooms with QCS-F - Pro!


The possibilities in the field of drone technology are nearly unlimited. This is the reason why we have deployed the QCS, which at the same time eases the introduction into the drone topic and offers the highest level of practical teaching at schools and universities. We go a step further with the QCS-Pro and offer you a system that is ready for the big challenges of drone technology. Here is an overview of the new features:

  • High-performance motors for a higher payload capacity.
  • An i7-processor on board allows maximal computing power to solve the most demanding tasks of autonomy, too.
  • Open-source object detection for free development of automation tasks in teaching and research.
  • Intelligent ground sensor technology with LIDAR, ultrasonic, barometer and sensors for the determination of optical flow.
  • A freely programmable dual-remote-control system for the operation of the QCS-F in the teacher-student-mode.
  • A calibratable Inertial Measurement Unit for die individual optimization of QCS-F during flight.
  • Improved wind stability for precised tasks while open air missions.
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