New User-Interface Functional Upgrade for our Delivery Drone!

Delivery Drone 

It is the most obvious thing that avoiding road traffic troubles by using a drone is a cinch. To make Drone Transport on demand even more easy, we developed an easy to use User-Interface, for editing the desired waypoints. The integrated map enables you to set the delivery destination with one mouse click. The same map is used to show the drone's current position. Thus, defining the flight route is no sorcery anymore and can be done with a few simple clicks, in no matter of time, before every start, individually.

An other feature of the new User-Interface: The drone is now equipped with our new Double Fail Safe Return to Home Function, which makes the drone return to the closest and best placed pilot (at start or destination) in the case of failure. Moreover the Delivery Drone contains an integrated Heading-Check, which doublechecks the start position and thus increases the flight safety once again!

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