Developments on the BayTOU - project successfully completed!


The development and evaluation of modern approaches for the use of drones was the subject of the BayTOU funding, in the course of which Emqopter was able to achieve several innovations and patent applications. Now this project is completed and we can look back with pride on our developments. We are now looking forward to the cooperations that lie ahead of us, with which we will bring the values created here in the field of future-proof drone technology into application!

The Quanipulator Q4 with integrated CAA LU

The Quanipulator Q4 with integrated landing site detection

The Quanipulator Q6 with its 6-DOF robot arm is able to perform precise automated gripping maneuvers!

The 6-DOF gripper arm of the Quanipulator can also be controlled via an intuitive control panel.

With the gripping arm the quanipulator can grab objects during flight, transport them and put them down again.

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