Field tests for HydraSpec and FlowPro


Emqopter starts the first field tests in the HydraSpec and FlowPro projects. For this purpose, tests are being carried out on a factory gate and in a hall under near-application environmental conditions.

The aim is to realise the autonomous and safe passing through the factory gate (FlowPro) as well as the development of a robust transport system with a hybrid sensor system for demanding applications in the field of intralogistics (HydraSpec).

To achieve this, various sensors as well as communication modules, including stereo cameras, LiDar sensors and Ultra Wide Band modules, are being tested.

The HydraSpec copter is designed to autonomously enter a building even through windows

The sensor technology of three different prototypes was tested in this field test

The drone autonomously finds the gate to the building with the help of its sensor technology

Our software developers prepare their drones for flight at the site

A complex camera and sensor system is under development for autonomous drone orientation

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