Emqopter builds Droneport

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The Droneport is a universal infrastructure that allows drones to be integrated into existing processes and infrastructure regardless of manufacturer. This is ensured by a sensor system based on AI, which detects the drone in the airspace, accurately determines its position and thus enables the drone to land precisely and safely. The complete intelligence is in the Droneport. The drone does not need to meet any special requirements. As a result, the Droneport is a key foundation for scaling commercial drone applications in open airspace.

Once safely on the ground, driving robots take care of loading and unloading delivery drones. The guided vehicle brings the goods to be transported onto a conveyor belt. The fully integrated assembly line enables on-demand processing by bringing the package inside the building and serving as an automated interface between the inside and outside of the Droneport.

Over the next twelve months, the first high-tech showcase site will be built in Volkach. Over the course of next three to five years, Emqopter's new company headquarters will be built there in two further phases.

Gradually, the ecosystem around the Droneport will then be expanded to include further applications, with the aim of fully automated end-to-end drone operations.

2023 the draft of the high-tech showcase site will become reality

Dr. Nils Gageik, General Manager (tech.), and Sebastian Haas, Head of Software & Electrical Engineering, during the initial testing of sensor technology/AI

The AI detects the drone in the airspace

The feeding system automatically unloads a dummy drone in the lab

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