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What is the current status and what will happen next with FlowPro?

The project partners met at Siemens in Munich under this guiding question to present the current status of their subprojects. Marvin Bihl, our General Manager (fin.), and Fridolin Popov, the head of our logistics software department, were also present.

Further topics were the integration of the components that the partners are developing in their respective subprojects into the overall system, the evaluation of the digital security guidelines for the cybersecurity area and upcoming public relations measures.

As part of FlowPro, Emqopter is developing a transport drone that is able to fly fully autonomously into a factory hall, deposit its transport goods in a transfer zone in the entrance area of the hall and also fly back again safely and without collision.

More information about the current status, the partners and all subprojects can be found on the project website.

Project Partners Siemens, ABB, HTW Saar, FHWS, Flexus, Emqopter

Fridolin Popov (Left) and Marvin Bihl (Right)

Hybrid work in the consortium - online and in person

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