Example implementation of the Kalman filter

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Episode 7: Kalman-Filter 2/2

You stayed tuned to the end of the last episode of our Drone Tech Academy on the basics of the Kalman filter and are now curious about how a Kalman filter is implemented in software? Then it's time to get down to the nitty gritty. In the latest episode, Dr. Nils Gageik uses our software framework EMQ_QCSF to show how the bias drift of a gyroscope is compensated for.

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By the way, the EMQ_QCSF framework is one of five differently extensive software frameworks that are all included in the product scope of the complete packages of our Quadrotor Control System (QCS) teaching and development platform. From beginner to professional, there is something for everyone. Detailed information can be found on the product page of our QCS. You can arrange your free, no-obligation web demo here.

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Dr. Nils Gageik holds a sensor in his hand and explains how the Kalman filter is implemented

In the video, Emqopter founder Dr. Nils Gageik goes into the derivation

Dr. Nils Gageik is holding a drone.

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