Qlog and Qmed - As Delivery Drone Mini or Development Platform

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Smaller, lighter, more compact - Qlog and Qmed. Behind these terms are two quadrocopters that will expand our Q-series in the future with the Q8000 and Q6000

Both drones are each available as a Development Platform with programmable and parameterizable software or as a Delivery Drone with our closed source software and feature a fallback switch for maximum fail-safe operation.

The Qlog is designed for a payload of up to 200 grams in logistics operations. The system is suitable, for example, for the autonomous transport of in-house mail and small parts.

The Qmed is additionally equipped with a 3D camera and a CPU. This makes the system ideal for application scenarios that require increased intelligence, such as collaborative operation together with helicopters for the transport of laboratory samples or stored blood in a hospital environment, image processing or swarm control.

With a wingspan of between 66 and 80 centimeters, depending on the model, and a takeoff weight of less than four kilograms, the systems are small and lightweight launchers that fulfill a low risk class according to the EU Drone Regulation. As a result, they can be put into operation more quickly due to the simplified approval process. Particularly on short routes with time-critical transport goods, our Delivery Drones Mini are proving to be the more ecological and cost-effective transport alternatives of the future.

Would you like to know whether Qmed or Qlog is suitable for your use case? Then please feel free to contact us.

Dr. Nils Gageik and his team have expanded the Q-series to include the Qlog and Qmed

For the first time in the air, the Qmed reaches a speed of up to 50 kilometers per hour

The Qmed is particularly suitable for medical transport flights in collaborative air transport thanks to its intelligent sensor modules

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