FlowPro final demonstration

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On June 23, 2023, it was finally time: The project partners presented the results of the FlowPro project publicly for the first time. In Merzig, the logistics system was demonstrated with all autonomous components in a reallife context at Holzhauer KG.

Oliver Luksic, Parliamentary State Secretary at the BMDV, also made sure not to miss the demonstration of the project results, including the flight of the autonomous delivery drone.

FlowPro developed a solution for the growing challenges of the logistics industry. During the course of the project, Emqopter developed a drone that transports goods fully autonomously from one industrial plant A to another industrial plant B and transfers the transported goods automatically. The project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) with around 2.2 million euros as part of the mFUND funding guideline.

In the project video you can watch spectacular footage in an overview of our part in the project.

Marvin Bihl (General Manager fin.) explained to the audience the part of the project that was carried out by Emqopter GmbH

Emqopter exclusively exhibited the project drone with sensor system, 5G module and ejection mechanism

The project partners presented the resluts of the project together

The parliamentary state secretary of the BMDV, Oliver Luksic, also addressed the guests briefly

The flight of the delivery drone was demonstrated on site

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