Tour de Mobility of the 3rd Dimension

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The Emqopter team has been on the road a lot in the last weeks and months. In addition to exhibitions at the Open-door day of the three Würzburg start-up centers, the Startup Demo Night of BayStartUp in Nuremberg and at the Opening Ceremony of brigkAIR, the start-up incubator for 3-dimensional mobility in Manching, the programme also included pitches at Innovation Made in Würzburg and the Isar Valley Festival with focus on Deep Tech in Munich.

As experts in mobility in the third dimension, we at Emqopter will be presenting our developments around the Delivery Drone and the Drone Port for a holistic ecosystem for integrating drone applications into existing processes, supply chains and infrastructure.

Your next chances to meet us and learn more first-hand are the 2nd Material Flow Congress of the Mobility & Logistics Cluster on 29 November in Regensburg and the Late Shift of Gründerszene in Berlin on 1 December.

You can't attend either event and would like to learn more? No problem!

Simply contact us directly here.

Our General Manager (fin.), Marvin Bihl, during an interview at the brigkAIR opening ceremony

Emqopters exhibition stand at the opening ceremony of the brigkAIR Business Incubation Centre

Marvin Bihl explains the operation of the Emqopter Delivery Drone to an interested visitor

Marvin Bihl took part in the first edition of the Isar Valley Festival

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