New addition to the Emqopter brand family


We are pleased to announce the registration of two new trademarks. The EMQ3000 and the EQCM have been protected by successful admission in the trademark register since the beginning of April. The application for registration took place at the same time as the new release v5 of our Quadrotor Control System (QCS).

The EMQ3000 is our development board. Connected to the PC via a USB interface, it offers the user numerous existing interfaces, free pins and peripherals such as buttons, LEDs, joysticks and a display. This makes it the perfect operating environment for the QCS.

The EQCM is the central computing unit of our development platform. The 32-bit microcontroller sits on it. Thus the EQCM is the heart of our flight-capable development platform.

Dr. Nils Gageik uses the EMQ3000 developer board for his work on Emqopter systems

The two trademarks EMQ3000 and EQCM have recently been registered and are thereby protected by trademark law

The EMQ3000 developer board supports users in various programming tasks on the Qopter

With its numerous interfaces and intuitive user panel, the EMQ3000 board is also suitable for beginners in drone development

The core: The EQCM allows the programming of the QCS-Qopter.

With the complete package starter of the new Quadrotor Control System v5, nothing more stands in the way of your breakthrough in drone development!

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